Friends of Scarborough Marsh

We are a coalition of private citizens and organizations who
conserve, protect, restore, and enhance the Scarborough Marsh watershed.




Strategic Plan



Strategic Plan for Restoration and Enhancement of Important Habitats in Scarborough Marsh and its Watershed (July 2002)

The goal of this report is to provide the Friends of Scarborough Marsh with an inventory of key areas for restoration, enhancement and acquisition within the Scarborough Marsh and its water-shed.

These key areas include salt marsh sites suitable for restoration or at risk of degradation, important wildlife habitats, open space around the marsh, enlargement of existing conservation areas, and potential public access and education sites.

An important second piece of the project was to develop priorities for ranking the key areas within several categories, including salt marsh restoration and en-hancement, wildlife habitat enhancement, and land acquisition.

This report is available at the
Scarborough Public Library
and is also posted here
as a PDF document.

Download the PDF file (272KB)










"When we see land as a community to which we belong, we may begin to use it with love and respect." -- Aldo Leopold   










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